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Dar’Ron Anderson

The Clinical Father Engagement Specialist™

As the Clinical Father Engagement Specialist™, I work with fathers whose lives have been disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in issues with family, parenting, finances, and mental health.

Dar’Ron Anderson is a Husband, Father, Author, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate that provides one-on-one therapeutic coaching sessions.


Unlocking your potential to advance the world

Green Book Therapy is dedicated to providing innovative therapeutic coaching strategies to help you cope with life challenges and adjust to new ways of life.

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Gain insight, build relationships, and discover strategies for effective engagement.

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Mental Health Therapy

Green Book Therapy provide strategies that help individuals cope with their challenges and adjust to new ways of life.


The Clinical Father Engagement Specialist™

This follow up service is dedicated to dads-to-be, first-time, and experienced dads/paternal figures.

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Speaking Engagements

Green Book Therapy works with various organizations seeking ways to implement effective father engagement strategies within their programs.

"Any fool can have a child. That doesn't make you a father. It's the courage to raise a child that makes you a father."

Barack Obama


Anderson Published Book



Daddy’s Green Book is a children's book that demonstrates the simplicity of father engagement by capturing the multifaceted roles and responsibilities of fathers in a playful, light-hearted, comedic, and simple way.

The reader will explore the many ways this daddy plays, teaches, and builds a relationship with his two children all while being exposed to valuable life lessons. Book available in English and Spanish.

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