Green Book Therapy Services

Green Book Therapy is dedicated to providing innovative therapeutic strategies to help you cope with life challenges and adjust to new ways of life. 

All therapeutic coaching sessions will take place online

Mental Health Therapy

Through one-on-one therapy, Green Book Therapy provide strategies to help cope with everyday challenges and adjust to new ways of life.


While I have counseled more than 1,000 fathers over the last 10 years, my most important role is being a dad to my two young children—and newborn baby girl!

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The Clinical Father Engagement Specialist™

This follow-up service is dedicated to dads-to-be, first-time, and experienced dads/paternal figures looking for a supportive confidant.


Services include:

  • Dads-to-be/First-time Dads (5 Therapeutic Sessions)

  • Experience Dads/Paternal Figures (5 Therapeutic Sessions)

  • Comprised by Child Protective Services (5 Therapeutic  Sessions)

Speaking Engagements

Green Book Therapy works with various organizations EAP programs that seek ways to promote and implement effective engagement strategies (in-person or virtual) within their programs.

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